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ACG Group at the Münchner Enrgiespartagen - October 10-12, 2008.
Munich, Germany: Visit us and get the latest on Solar Technology solutions.

Introduction! You tried a fix-account? Now you want to learn how you can create a SecLookOn-Key? Click here to get an introduction to the new security program.

SPV America at the Financials 2008 in Europe - November 4-7, 2008
Amsterdam, Nethlands: Stop by our booth and see a demo of our Risk Management tools.

Invent, Innovate, Integrate

Our company deals with the three key issues that highlight our activities. Invent – innovate – integrate®. Companies can enter this process at different stages.


Every business venture start with an Idea. We support our clients with optimising the creative idea-finding process, and if so desired with unique input. Also a clear formulation of the business idea is part of our service.


The first step of the innovation process is the analysis of the idea. Subsequently a viability study is conducted. Business plan: Idea, SWOT analysis, Market, Management team, marketing & sales concept, organisation, financial plan, rough project plan.


Organisation of incumbent company or reorganisation of the existent company organization and design or redesign of business processes.

Project Mgt., Direct & Channel Sales, Operations of Marketing and PR Processes, Expansion alignment.

What we do: Workshops, concepts, seminars, studies, consulting, marketing & sales activities.

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