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ACG Group at the Münchner Enrgiespartagen - October 10-12, 2008.
Munich, Germany: Visit us and get the latest on Solar Technology solutions.

Introduction! You tried a fix-account? Now you want to learn how you can create a SecLookOn-Key? Click here to get an introduction to the new security program.

SPV America at the Financials 2008 in Europe - November 4-7, 2008
Amsterdam, Nethlands: Stop by our booth and see a demo of our Risk Management tools.



iNOVATIX Inc. founded 2000 in Sausalito, CA , develops SME Businesses in the US and throughout Europe. iNOVATIX provides services in the area of technology infrastructure, financing and management expertise to its partner companies. We at iNOVATIX foment the cooperation of SME’s act as a think tank and create solutions to promote ideas and innovations. Our Services include Market Introduction, strategic Business Development,  worldwide Sales Strategies as well as Project and Product Development through our own and affiliated networks and companies.

iNOVATIX Stindl & Partner Vienna has been founded by Wolfgang Stindl and Demuth Holding und Patentverwertungs GmbH in 2006. The company cooperates with partners in the CEE countries.

2008 the US based iNOVATIX Inc, San Francisco joins Stindl & Partner Group, whereas the name of the whole group has been changed to iNOVATIX Group.

iNOVATIX Group focuses on innovative New Energy and IT technology industries and  added recently the following companies to its acceleration portfolio: SPV America,  Leszkovich GmbH, SecLookOn.

iNOVATIX Group  is a holding company that has significant investment or control in each of its affiliated companies. The partners provide expertise in the form of capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, strategic business partnerships, legal support, business development, marketing expertise and financial management and analytics.

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