News & Events

ACG Group at the Münchner Enrgiespartagen - October 10-12, 2008.
Munich, Germany: Visit us and get the latest on Solar Technology solutions.

Introduction! You tried a fix-account? Now you want to learn how you can create a SecLookOn-Key? Click here to get an introduction to the new security program.

SPV America at the Financials 2008 in Europe - November 4-7, 2008
Amsterdam, Nethlands: Stop by our booth and see a demo of our Risk Management tools.


According to Joseph Schumpeter economic development is based on “a process of creative destruction”, whereas destruction of old structures enables development.

The general definition of “innovation” is “The act of introducing a change or something new,” the root of “innovation/innovate” comes from the concept of renewing and/or developing something already existing which is our mission.

As the world is changing rapidly and brings challenges for the IT as well as the Energy Sector  we are required to examine the old ways and explore new ways of doing business and living in harmony with the environment. We believe in innovations and entrepreneurship which are compatible with the values of human dignity and ecological sustainability.

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