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ACG Group at the Münchner Enrgiespartagen - October 10-12, 2008.
Munich, Germany: Visit us and get the latest on Solar Technology solutions.

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SPV America at the Financials 2008 in Europe - November 4-7, 2008
Amsterdam, Nethlands: Stop by our booth and see a demo of our Risk Management tools.


The wood pellet heating systems are fully automatic. One push of the button suffices to keep the house snugly warm for the whole heating period. Microprocessors monitor the combination of combustion air, quantity of burning material and operational temperature. Particularly, the recently introduced Lambda sensors ensure a continuously optimised combustion process. They also enable the pellet-burning boiler to accept various qualities of pellet material, without any external intervention. Ash compression and cleaning system are fully automated. Delivery of the pellets is done by truck and the pellets are pumped into the storage area under high air pressure.

New Energy pellet heating systems of the A Concept Edition are of the most advanced technological standard, which is constantly monitored by the ACL Group.

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