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ACG Group at the Münchner Enrgiespartagen - October 10-12, 2008.
Munich, Germany: Visit us and get the latest on Solar Technology solutions.

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SPV America at the Financials 2008 in Europe - November 4-7, 2008
Amsterdam, Nethlands: Stop by our booth and see a demo of our Risk Management tools.


Solar Energy
Insulation, that means the solar energy that reaches the Earths surface of about three hours equals the amount of energy that the whole human civilisation uses for a whole year. Solar energy can be used reliably for hot water and heating particularly in conjunction with modern low-energy floor- and/or wall heating systems. A storage medium – often quite simply water Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly source of energy we have at our disposal.

Biomass Energy
Biomass refers to living and recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel or for industrial production. It is chemically condensed solar energy. This stored energy is released when burnt. Its usage is CO2 neutral because only as much CO2 is set free as was stored in the plant during its lifespan. The most common form of using this energy is the burning of wood.

In its most modern form wood pellets are used. Wood pellets are small compressed cylinders of natural dry wood shavings and sawdust (without chemical binders). They are formed under extremely high pressure. Their water content is very low. Thus, these minute energy storehouses only need a small storage volume – a ton of pellets needs only a space of 1.5 m³. They are characterised by a high energy content, excellent calorific value and of course their environmental friendliness. Their ash can be used as a valuable garden fertilizer.

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